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Well & NHS Pharmacy First

Hi all,

please find below letter from Well about new scheme: To provide more accessible healthcare to patients, NHS England has commissioned Pharmacy First to

commence from community pharmacies starting 31 January 2024.

Pharmacy First launch and service

Pharmacy First is a new advanced service that will include 7 new clinical pathways and

complements the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS). This expanded

service will consist of 3 elements:

 Pharmacy First (clinical pathways) - NEW

 Pharmacy First (urgent repeat medicine supply) - previously commissioned as

the CPCS

 Pharmacy First (NHS referrals for minor illness) - previously commissioned as

the CPCS

The Pharmacy First (clinical pathways) will enable pharmacists to offer advice to patients

and supply NHS medicines (including some prescription-only medicines under patient group

directions (PGDs)), where clinically appropriate, to treat 7 common health conditions.

Patients can also self-refer into the Pharmacy First (clinical pathways) as a walk-in service.

As England’s second largest community pharmacy contractor, Well will be offering

Pharmacy First from all Well pharmacies. We therefore anticipate that there will be patient

demand in pharmacies that may be utilising locum support. We also assume that all other

pharmacies in England will be embracing the opportunities available to patients and

pharmacists through the rollout of Pharmacy First.

Therefore, we assume all self-employed pharmacists wishing to book locum shifts from 31 st

January in English pharmacies will be suitably accredited to deliver Pharmacy First.

For partner agencies, we anticipate that you will be ensuring the clients you put forward for

shifts can provide these services and you will be adapting your registration and onboarding

process to reflect this.

While locum pharmacists can determine how they operate when acting as a Responsible

Pharmacist, we will develop our own SOP for Pharmacy First . We would happily share this

with locums to support you in delivering Pharmacy First services. You are free to utilise your

own SOPs to deliver the service, subject to approval by our Pharmacy Superintendent.

Community Pharmacy England (CPE) Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) and Centre for

Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) will all have resources, training and webinars

available (again, these remain at your discretion and are not mandatory). This information

and guidance will be part of a prompting communication beginning in January.

Expansion of existing services

In addition to the above service launch, NHS England has announced the expansion of the

Pharmacy Contraception Service (PCS) to include initiation of oral contraception starting 1 st

December 2023. Both ongoing supply and initiation of supply will be combined into one

service. The Hypertension Case Finding Service will also re-launch on 1 December 2023.

In both services, it will be possible to use the wider trained pharmacy team members to

support you when delivering certain service elements with Pharmacy First, Contraception

Service and Hypertension Case Finding Service. Well will shortly be offered from all of our

pharmacies in England, so we request that you please confirm if you are appropriately

trained to deliver these services. Again, these are not mandatory requirements for self-

employed locums. However, moving forward, preferential bookings will be given to

pharmacists who can deliver these services to meet patient needs.


Vincent Evans

Head Of Central Operations

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