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What is happening in the locum market in 4 posts

The situation for locums (and us) is quite a rollercoaster. Here are 4 posts I think provide a good summary of what's going on. A key paragraph from the tax clawback article is this:

"Responding to the news last week (January 4), the Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) said that employers and agencies who have removed locum’s “ability to negotiate rates - which the PDA believes undermines their status as self-employed contractors” - have contributed to the tax authority’s decision to treat locums as employees for taxation purposes."

I believe in free markets and that rates should be negotiable. I remember in the 90s the idea to set a national rate and how it didn't work. Who would work in the middle of nowhere in rural Wales or the Scottish Highlands for the same price as inner city? I encourage all locums to attempt to negotiate even if at the time some pharmacies won't play ball. Anyway, here are the posts- all the best, Ben

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